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 Trailer mudguards CAMIOANE SRL


Brack pads Bremskerl - Since 1929

  • OE-Quality
  • less wear of counter material
  • ECE certification
  • Green Coating
  • low LCC / long life distance
  • high quality accessory kits


Original Filters


Electronic diagnostics



      We execute dignostics with Texa IDC4 - multi brand diagnostic system for trucks and commercial vehicles

     International freight

     Weekly, starting on Sunday and Wednesday in Oradea, we can offer competitive rates for shipping destinations Belgium, Holland, Germany cargo transportation vehicles of 3.5 tonnes GVW, useful volume of 16 cubic meters respectively, weighing up to 1.5 tons and pallets up to 6 pallets.

     Cheaper than this is not possible!!!


     MOBILE: +40 727 716 691

     TEL/FAX: +40 259 406 922


             ARDECA Lubricants
At this link you will find full technical specifications for oils Ardeca for orders and distribution please contact us.
                SC CAMIOANE SRL is approved distributor of Belgian brand, upon which sits the quality, flexibility and innovation. Ardeca products are manufactured and packaged in Belgium. For us there and then manages distribution Romanian market this strong brand on the international market is found in a wide range. Ardeca lubricants - lubricants offers all types of cars, transport vehicles, and for agricultural, industrial, shipping and food: engine oils, transmission oils (ATF transmission oils), greases, hydraulic oils, oils compressor and more. With an impressive cast ARDECA products can be found worldwide through partners in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East and the United States, a market in continuous expansion.


              Service Truck complementary supply of parts.

      In urma cu mai bine de trei ani am demarat si activitatea de service camioane dorind sa venim in intampinarea nevoilor dumneavoastra. Unitarea Service functioneaza in localotatea Bors aproape de granita cu Ungaria si aproape de viitoarea autostrada Bors-Brasov. Putem sa va oferim serviicii de diagnoza electronica, ITP, reglare geometrie directie computerizat, service-ul nostru fiind si service de marca Knorr-Bremse. Pentru mai multe informatii vizitati sectiunea Service camioane. 

                Service-ul camioane din Oradea dispune de echipamentul necesar rectificarii discurilor de frana cu sau fara demontare de pe autovehicul precum si rectificarea tamburilor.  Datorita depozitului de piese camioane aflat in incinta societatii putem sa reducem timpul de executie a lucrarilor la minim spre satisfactia clientului. Va reamintim ca tot aici putem executa lucrari de reglaj unghiuri directie camioane, inspectii tehnice periodice, (ITP) s.a.m.d.


     Esti implicat in domeniu? Ai cunostinte avansate in identificari piese camioane?

     Trimite  CV-ul tau la adresa calin@camioanesrl.ro si poti face parte integranta din familia noastra. 

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